I’m Brian “BB” Melendez: I’m a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone, Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; Practitioner of Great Basin Custom(s) and Culture(s); Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided Meditation); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC.; and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast.

I am proud to announce that (for nearly two decades) my personal journey to explore the depths of tribal spiritual self-determination—for the purposes of solving modern community problems—has produced the most remarkable fruit. Lucentree, LLC is that bounty which I hope to share with the World. My strategy is to offer a uniquely revolutionary perspective, by teaching the value of meditation and introspection to those in the greatest need, in order to raise collective consciousness. It’s my belief, that all people, can benefit from undergoing radical personal accountability and radical transparency, while on their journey to self-empowerment. I’m just here to be helpful.

As a former Tribal Legislator, Law Enforcement Officer, and very recently a Federal Operations Officer for Indian Affairs; I can say from vast experience, and with great confidence…that I know a few things. For real, we should probably talk. I’ve consciously (and confidently) left a large salary, prosperous Federal career, pension, etc. behind me, to serve a much greater and noble cause. In my heart and soul, I want to help all people become considerate, capable, and caring. As your reading this, I am currently living my very own Jerry Maguire moment.

For those who’ve been in the unforgiving tribal trenches; you’ll appreciate my unique skill set the most. I am the “internal-tribal-issue” guy that’s trained to do stuff you (the Tribe), don’t know how to fix, resolve, or implement. And the stuff, they, (the Bureau of other external entities) won’t touch. Yeah, that’s what I do. Basically, I’m a problem solver.

What I can do will knock your little [Indian] socks off. All you need to know about me as a person, is that I LOVE my People; my Tribal-Kung Fu is strong; and I bust them dope moves! To be honest, my tribal world views and unconventional techniques are an acquired taste. I maintain to right-way-wrong-way philosophy about anything, which allows for flexibility and countless opportunities.

If you really want to know about me—in the greatest detail possible—please listen to Episode 2 through 20, of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast. And if you do that, you will know almost everything there is about me and the fundamental core of Lucentree, LLC.

I am dedicated to my unique craft and committed to all forms of progressive change throughout Indian Country, and beyond that. The bottom line is that I create services and opportunities that change people’s lives. What I know about human beings, communities, institutions, spirituality, meditation, and governance; is a game changer. Right this moment, as a global community, in our current state, we require a spiritual revolution. And I’m here to help…don’t waste your time, hit me up. – BB