Our 12 Guiding Principles are simple and true for us. We take pride in our ability to be a voice for real people and real communities living close to the earth. We’re not Saints or Saviors, we’re just some Indians from Reno who lived some rough lives and know a few things. That being said, you can always depend on us to be real about shit. We’re not too familiar with ideal circumstances, but we do have faith, that with strong and healthy communication and time, we can heal anything. We take an empirical approach on all that we do; we don’t care how bad it is, we just want to know where we all go from here…

  1. Water is our most valuable asset.
  2. We love those who love us.
  3. Pay attention to the signs.
  4. Tribalism: we achieve our best results through teamwork.
  5. Continuous self-improvement and personal growth are vital to community wellness.
  6. Our priority is to be the spark that lights future fires: we do our job, then we go home.
  7. We encourage innovation (e.g. dreaming, singing, dancing, meditation, and suffering) and risk-taking.
  8. We’re from Hungry Valley, we do shit different!
  9. Find your own light, follow your own path, and be prepared always to be tested.
  10. There will be cussing.
  11. There will be coffee.
  12. Yet to be determined.