12 Ways Meditation Can Reshape Indian Country

I’m Brian “BB” Melendez, a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; and Practitioner of Great Basin Indigenous Custom(s) and Culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided-Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Tribal Podcast. 

These are 12 Ways Tribal Governments, Tribal Programs, Tribal Communities, and Tribal Families, can benefit directly from learning meditation (in no specific order):

Sustainability: The most optimal space for all tribal people to be in, is when we can intuitively learn how to help ourselves throughout any difficult moments. Using the power of meditation — especially when individuals may have previously felt unprepared, inadequate, or disheartened — is a game changing tool (often quick and readily accessible); that can help people feel stronger, more confident, and better prepared to walk through any door of life.

Personal Accountability: Meditation helps individuals explore areas within themselves that they didn’t know existed.  Honestly, as tribal people, finding any practice that can help us to balance and harmonize our shared spaces, is worth its’ weight in gold.  Every one of us (at some time in our lives) has needed some type of internal pep-talk to get us off the floor, off to work, or to the gym. Meditation is the perfect way to rewire the way we understand our daily priorities.  Don’t wait; make yourself stronger, create a new wellness meditation meter inside yourself!

Ninja Like Focus: Through meditation, you can learn to build a power within yourself to redirect, self-regulate, overcome, and heal. Training yourself to think, act, and achieve, are the basic tenets of meditation.  You may not know this, but mediation is built into our cultural DNA already.  It’s always been a part of us: meditation is directly connected to our ability to use our intuition and instincts. What Indian wouldn’t want to be razor-sharp and ready for the world? If you want to be the most amazing hunter-gatherer, check it out.  Shooot, anyone can learn this stuff.  So, learn about it!

Positivity & Productivity: What we think about, we bring about. As tribal people, we can use meditation as a neutral starting point to recreate and reimagine the communities we hope and dream for.  By using mediation, in addition to positive affirmations, and active learning, it can make the grumpy person less grumpy, and the happy person even happier.  The idea is, if you can create goodness within yourself, the universe will bring you abundance. There are people are out there right now, mentally preparing for success via meditation, and you know what happens to them….they win!

Attention to Detail: Mediation is something that a person can do with themselves (or in a group setting), it can be done anywhere, and for as long as the person desires. There is no right-way-or-wrong way in meditation, only preference!  Meditation can be as stringent or relaxed as you’d like it to be.  Meditation is by far one of the most comprehensive mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical exercises anyone can do to benefit themselves completely.

Boost Health & Immune System: There are countless scientific studies and quantifiable research out there right now, that support the many health benefits of mediation, from lowering blood pressure; improving memory; curving food cravings; fighting addictions; improving sleep; helping to control pain; and strengthening the central nervous system…just to name a few. In addition to what I am trying to say, please research the benefits of mediation for yourself.  You will be amazed and you won’t regret it.

Create Better Relationships: The reach of mediation and its application are endless. Mediation can be used for preventative health benefits, as well as corrective actions. It can be a deterrent as a form of crime control, delinquency, and angst.  It can be a reward and a blessing.  The point is that how, when, and with who, you use these techniques with can change the relationships you have with others.  Using mediation as a social builder, has been shown in many intellectual forums to enhance emotional intelligence and group think, and therefore establishing healthy boundaries and expectations for human capital.

Find Missing Creativity: Let’s be honest, lots of us come from complex communities and sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, am I right? Meditation has the potential to help people look inside first, before looking at the outside world.  If you have the desire to impact your community, family, and future: meditation is the pill Morpheus warned you about.  You can stay asleep.  Or you can wake up.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Enhance Mental Cognition: Emotional and mental health is a serious concern for all of us in Indian Country, we see the impacts of substandard options every day in our communities.  Mediation, as a holistic supplement to help strengthen mental health, doesn’t require pills or a prescription to attack depression, sluggishness, and loneliness. Utilizing mediation to free your mind, can be one of the quickest ways to stimulate creative problem solving and forward-thinking behaviors.  Don’t hesitate to care for yourself, try mediation today.

Helps to Reduce Stress & Anxiety: As tribal people, our lives don’t always stem from ideal circumstances, and our stresses and worries, can seem often endless. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, Anxiety is the most common mental-health disorder in the United States. Like many of you out there, I’ve battled with severe anxiety for years, prior to finding meditation. I used the power of mediation, as one of many tools towards overcoming my anxiousness, sadness, and self-doubt. I am proud to say that I have beaten long-term anxiety twice in my life—if it comes back—I will beat it again! Believe me, my brothers and sisters, mediation can help you find yourself.

Personal Empowerment: The beauty of mediation is that it can provide a much-needed daily structure in your life. All of this can help strengthen and develop core disciplines you might have always wanted to see flourish in your day-to-day regiment.  Finding a meditation practice that works for you, can be one the most unexpected life changing moments in your life! When you understand the power of meditation and the benefits of just how much impact it can have on a person’s life; you’ll know why World Leaders, Fortune 500 Executives, and Elite Influencers across the globe use meditation every single day.

Role Modeling: Tribal Leadership, Community, & Parenting: Nothing says leadership, like role modeling.  Like it or not, the people are watching you…they’re watching all of us.  For any person that has a difficult job to do, you will appreciate mediation for the ability it has to: enhance self-awareness; increase attention span; improve social anxiety; anger management; reduce tension; establish healthy behaviors; promote wellness and healthy lifestyles; increase the sense of connectedness and empathy; improve your ability to make decisions; and provide safe space for others. When people can learn to take care of themselves, they can take care of others.  The day our little Indian kids can learn to sit down, close their eyes, and imagine the universe within themselves, and then recreate the universe for all to see, is the day they will truly understand our greatest strengthens and greatest weaknesses, as a human race.  As leaders and parents, you have the ability to give that to them right now.

Why you should hire me to teach your government, community, and families, about meditation…


I’m proud to announce that (for nearly the past two decades) my personal journey to explore the depths of tribal spiritual self-determination, for the purposes of solving modern community problems, has produced the most remarkable fruit. Lucentree, LLC is that magical bounty in which I hope to share with the world. My strategy is to offer a uniquely revolutionary tribal perspective via meditation, that is so sharp and effective, that it’ll strengthen all forms of tribal sovereignty, and your individual path, to the core.

As a former Tribal Legislator, Law Enforcement Officer, and very recently a Federal Operations Officer for Indian Affairs; I can say from vast experience and with great confidence…that I know a few things about the western world. For real, we should probably talk. I’ve consciously (and confidently) left a large salary, prosperous federal career, pension, etc. behind me to serve a noble cause—to make our people confident, capable, and caring. I’m currently living my very own Jerry Maguire moment!

For those who’ve been in the tribal-trenches; you’ll appreciate my unique skill set the most…I am the “internal-tribal-issue” guy. I’m trained to do the stuff you (the Tribe) don’t know how to fix, resolve, implement, etc. and the stuff they (the Bureau) won’t touch. Yeah, that’s what I do. Most Tribes have only eaten the same old soup (Council Roles & Responsibilities), just reheated. It’s my desire serve that six-course meal (Spiritual_Human_Theory or Tribal_Governance_Theory), to fill your little brown belly with some holistic knowledge.

If you’re super sensitive or you get your little feelings hurt easily, we probably shouldn’t talk…or maybe we absolutely should? But that’s up to you. Nonetheless, you should know that I’m a problem solver, not a fault finder. I leave that to the old schools’ still slanging the same methods that kept you sleeping. That’s not me. If you want to learn something prolific, with the potential to elevate the energy (and heart) of your operations and personal quest, call me: let’s talk. If you want to be a wolf, call me: let’s talk. If you want to be the absolute best type of leader and relative: let’s talk.

What I can do in two days will knock your little Indian-socks offs (or your little non-Indian-Socks). All you need to know about me as a person, is that I LOVE my people; my Tribal-Kung Fu is strong; and I bust them dope moves! To be honest, my tribal-world-view and unconventional techniques are something that you’ll either love or hate. Therefore, I maintain a no right-way-wrong-way philosophy in all that I do. So, if you want to play with me, you know how I get down. If not, that’s cool too.

I am dedicated to my unique craft and committed to all forms of progressive change in Indian Country, and beyond that. The bottom line, is that I create services that change people’s lives. What I know about Human Beings, Communities, Institutions, Spirituality, Meditation, and Tribal Governance, is a game changer.

Tribal communities, in our current state, need more than a basic tribal governance training, we require a spiritual revolution.

Don’t waste your time, get at me.

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Brian “BB” Melendez,

CEO /Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC


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