How Impactful Is Suffering?

In life, always be prepared to stop, drop, and roll: For my people, pre-colonial America was a time of hyper-spirituality, great mystery, and serenity (I’m not saying it was easy)—but, this is what tribal oral traditions tell us.  Suffering-spiritually through restraint

How Important Is It To Know Yourself?

[Spiritual] Fight Club: Knowing yourself is imperative. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, where you are currently, and where you want to go—you’re wasting your time. So many avoid knowing who they really are because of fear.  Fear

What Role Should Religion Play In Society?

Selflessness v. Corporate Attitude: The role of religion in larger society should be, that if you set up a church, mosque, synagogue, etc. then you must also be responsible for the upkeep and needs of the surrounding community in which

Divine Protection? What’s That?

“Fear will kill you”: As my Grandma Helen used to say, “don’t live in fear—fear will kill you”.  This concept was something I would hear for most of my childhood.  So believe me when I say, it has taken me