Welcome to Coffee with an Indian (The Podcast), I’m your host and resident Indian, Brian “BB” Melendez (Northern-Southern Paiute / Western Shoshone).  I am a Coffee-Addict / American Indian Spirituality Scholar / Community Leader from Reno, Nevada, and you are about to get your little cap twisted back today!

In this Podcast, we worship everything coffee—but for fun—we will also systematically and directly address all tenets of tribalism and community development (by introducing diverse influencers to Indian Country and vice versa); intellectually decolonize our minds (stereotypes, myths, and fallacies) and build all-kinds-of-hope in the process (rationally and logically); and finally, existentially re-creating everything that was lost or stolen (identity, spirituality, etc.) along our collective path.

Coffee with an Indian is the social-podcast for all things uniquely Indigenous (and beyond that: human); in the spirit of the past, the present, and the future.  We will absolutely question all authorities, we kind of have too!  Therefore, nothing is off the table, not even Indians (you’ve been warned). The goal of this podcast is to educate and create a safe space for all people—and most importantly—the vital protection of nature, future generations, and collective global consciousness. 

You are now about to enter the Virtual-Rez