Students will learn proven techniques to cultivate healthy communication with all audiences (internal and external). We will investigate basic active-listener modalities, and as an exercise, relay pertinent information back-to-the-original-speaker to minimize confusion and enhance message clarity. With these skills, students will be able to strategically instill confidence and hope to those around them.

Together, we will learn communication strategies (basically, Jedi mind tricks) that can benefit total community harmony and reduce disruption (especially useful for when conversations are being hijacked or frequently taken off topic, you know what I’m talking about). We will dissect the importance of being a cognizant problem solver, in addition to the application of logical and reasonable personal assessments. We will then transition into an evaluation of strengths and talents; to enhance every student’s current methodologies.

“Cognizant-engineering of your spatial awareness, in addition to thoroughly cultivating the landscape of equity and diversity of your mind; may prove to be one of the greatest investments you’ve ever made in your personal, professional, and spiritual development”. – Brian Melendez