We will assess Tribal Think Tanks, the creation of sacred space, practical innovation of leadership, and expansive (and sustainable) socioeconomics in relation to social capital. Learning, like anything in life, takes skill and determination, and if we can cognitively develop a value system that will inevitably pay dividends, why wouldn’t we?

These are the conscious areas, modern tribal leaders will need to be able to engage in, at all times moving forward. We will assess best practices in the field of tribal operations and understand your own learning curve.  Most importantly, we will dissect the many differences of authority versus tenets of leadership.

In my vast experience, working directly with tribal governments and their communities—almost every time—I have encountered the same cyclical obstructions.  Not enough positive affirmations, low self-esteem, exorbitant degrees of negative re-enforcement, and lateral oppression occurring at all levels of the community. And every time, I have believed the same thing.  I can teach any open-mind how to re-align these wobbly wheels, on the rez-car named “tribal thinking”: but “they”, in their spiritual mission, will have to address their own ideologies first”. — Brian Melendez