Mahkwuhoo: Cyber_Mediation is a virtual-wellness community (from a tribal perspective), designed to increase global wellness

The Meditation is entirely FREE.

If you love what we do: we recommended offering a $12 Donation. 

In order to achieve this goal, we will be utilizing Zoom: a webinar platform. By using Zoom technology, it is now possible to strengthen your individual (or group) meditation (and breathing) practice, without ever leaving the house.

*Virtual Seating is Limited. Register Today!*

For now, I will be conducting multiple impromptu Mahkwuhoo (Guided Meditation) sessions throughout the week, until the community has a strong grasp on what works best, as it pertains to days and times.

As long as you have an internet connection, or a telephone to dial in, you can plan on spending at least 30 minutes, with relatives from all around the world!

Step: 1

You will need to follow the Lucentree Facebook Page to get the times and dates.

Step: 2

Click on the link provided on the Lucentree Facebook Page, in order to Register.

Step: 3

You will receive an email registration confirmation, at the email address you registered with.

Within that email, you will be provided a link with a private URL (unique to only you, and valid for each individual session).

It’s that easy!

On the Day of the Meditation

Click on the URL link (in your confirmation email) to join the webinar, to gain direct access.

If you are going to join in over the telephone (to listen only), you can dial in on one of the phone lines provided at the bottom of your registration confirmation email, and include the webinar ID (also, included in your registration email confirmation) to join in!

Everyone, will be able to sign in through the URL or Dial In, as early as 15 minutes prior to specified time.

If by chance you find what I am doing valuable, and helpful, please consider donating to the cause. The meditations are entirely free. But if you can, a recommend donation of $12 goes a long way, but please feel free to donate whatever you can. I utilize funds to pay for equipment, technical fees, hosting costs, etc.

I pay for everything by myself, out of my own pocket, and I could really use your help to sustain this grassroots attempt, at a virtual community, for the people, that need it the most.

Follow the Lucentree Facebook Page for access.