Mahkwuhoo (Paiute for “it’s already done”) is a conceptual great basin-esque meditation practice, that I created in order to help myself prepare my Spirit for the alignment with the Body, so that my Mind would be able to create all desired intentions: I had no idea how intrinsically necessary meditation was for me, until I done it for myself. Through nearly two decades of dreaming, fasting, dancing, and praying, this is what I found to work for me. 

To get to the point, this is absolutely meditation with an intention and purpose.  It is highly practical and active, for those who want to take-care-of-personal-business before zoning-completely-out.  It’s an exceptional fit for those seeking a functional-ritual for everyday living—without ethereal jargon—in a judgment-free, yet pragmatic setting. As an additional supplement to your current practice, it’s even better.  If you don’t have a practice, learn this and run with it!