Mahkwuhoo (Paiute for “it’s already done”) is a conceptual great basin-esque meditation practice, that I created in order to help myself prepare my Spirit for the alignment with the Body, so that my Mind would be able to create all desired intentions: I had no idea how intrinsically necessary meditation was for me, until I done it for myself. Through nearly two decades of dreaming, fasting, dancing, and praying, this is what I found to work for me. 

To get to the point, this is absolutely meditation with an intention and purpose.  It is highly practical and active, for those who want to take-care-of-personal-business before zoning-completely-out.  It’s an exceptional fit for those seeking a functional-ritual for everyday living—without ethereal jargon—in a judgment-free, yet pragmatic setting. As an additional supplement to your current practice, it’s even better.  If you don’t have a practice, learn this and run with it!


I discovered through (Mahkwuhoo) meditation, that once I finished my daily ritual (ranging between 30 minutes to a 1-hour session) the first thing in the morning, I found that throughout the day I was extremely more productive than usual.  Afterward my mental attitude was forward-thinking and positive; more importantly, my focus and success on routine tasks dramatically increased.  Which impacted my overall time management and confidence in my abilities.  Before I had realized all the details of how meditation positively impacted my life, the direct (and indirect) effects of this remarkable change had already occurred.  All from just preparing myself to live with intention at the beginning of each day.

I found that my life started to center on what I really wanted to do and the activities I was engaging in, culminated into a higher functionality than before.  Through my own life experiences and struggles I finally found a way that stimulated my mind, eased my body, and satisfied my soul, all at the same time: I personally never thought (especially in the beginning) that meditation would be the vehicle to bring me where I am today. After years of commitment to my craft via suffering and struggling; do I finally understanding the nature of myself. As of today, I truly understand me!  So here I am.  Attempting to do my part for humanity and Mother Earth, by sharing something that has helped me and maybe it can help you!

I am sharing this practice to make a difference in a simple and true fashion.  If you have read any of my Blog posts or listened to Coffee with an Indian Podcast, you somewhat know how I get down.  What I promote is nothing ultra-formal or dogmatic, just humans from all around the world coming together to share time-and-space for the common good! I am aware this kind of stuff isn’t for everyone, so I am really hoping that those who are trying to find me, find me.  Just know that, I am hoping to find you too.