Our Mission, is to leave this World, better than when we found it.

We offer a unique (and raw) tribal perspective via training strategies and meditation, to enhance the global quality of life for all, by promoting active and practical spiritually, community, and the protection of nature. We believe that spirituality is a thinking person sport and to be good at it, you got to get your hands dirty.

We will accomplish this through questioning all authorities intelligently; by not making excuses for what we did not accomplish; introducing all forms of problem-solving; by being forward-free-thinking individuals; being open-minded and leaving room for error; mustering the courage to do really hard shit; listening to the birds, and evidently humor.

Our philosophy is to maintain a good relative methodology in all that we do. We don’t have friends, we have relatives.  Our mission is simple; to walk with spiritual self-determination and freedom (and coffee) before our ancestors in order to leave this place better than when we found it.

Our Vision, is to plant beautiful seeds in the hearts and minds of everyone we meet; seeds, that grow into kindness and care for all people.

We maintain a no right-way-wrong-way attitude towards accomplishing our goals, and maintain a flexibility that fits our attitudes, for the jobs we have. So, if you want to play with us, you know how we get down. If not, that’s cool too. We are committed to our craft and will bravely face the challenges before us. You must know, that we always plan to always do our best.

Our network is solid, and driven by heart, and purpose. Our policies are clear, consistent, and philosophically supported by the Hungry Valley Rules of Engagement. We promise to always strive for excellence, and the long journey of collective consciousness. We also never hesitate to implement the Force Choke, when necessary.