Coffee with an Indian

This is one of my many attempts, at reaching as many people around the World, as possible.  I created this Podcast, with the intent of having real conversations about things that matter, from a tribal perspective that is not often heard.  There will be all kinds of panelists, interviews, and sometimes just some realness, so be ready!

Coffee with an Indian is always recorded in two segments, one for free and for everyone, and the second is entirely subscription-based: two different kinds of shows.  Once you get into it, you’ll know why…

Coffee with an Indian is a free Podcast that can be found at:

Coffee with an Indian (Black)

Coffee with an Indian (Black), is a homage to everything beautiful and pure about black-coffee, no sweeteners, and no bullshit creamers.  Just straight black and powerful coffee.  Thus, the name and attitude.  This is the second segment of the show, which is recorded with all new content and purpose, basically, it’s the same crew, with a different intent: which means an all-new show.

And because, I have the show on Patreon, a subscription-based platform.  We get to say all kinds of wack shit, it’s awesome!  If you like what we’re doing on Itunes, you’re going to love what we’re doing on Patreon, check us out.

Coffee with an Indian (Black), the subscription-based Podcast that can be found exclusively on: