Leadership can often be a stressful and thankless function. As such, it is important for all leaders to grasp early on, that not everyone wants to do your job or even understands it. Because of this, I teach students to utilize their resources in the most tactful and sharp manner possible; so that they can move and shake as transparently as possible, in order to get the job done. 

The machines (Local, State, Federal, Tribal) that most of us are familiar with, are constantly moving with or without you; and you must know when-to-get-on and when-to-get-off of the crazy-train.  In this course, students will learn about the Bruce Willis Effect of tribal governance. Strong understanding of the overall mission (and vision) of your tribal organization will save you years of your life, and I can show you where to look for the cheat-codes (video game reference supreme).

The ability to successfully commandeer standard bureaucratic responses—with logical and tactful, yet cogent argument(s)—is what separates tribes from being, the kind that “ask for permission” and the kind that “tell you the way it’s going to be”. —Brian Melendez