Use Your Position Wisely.

Political Stew & Fry Bread: As leaders and seekers of love and light, please use your words and authority responsibly. Politics for the common man, is a blood-sport-fallacy that no one wins without hurting the feelings of another. Remember your

12 Ways Meditation Can Reshape Indian Country

These are 12 Ways Tribal Governments, Tribal Programs, Tribal Communities, and Tribal Families, can all benefit directly from learning the fundamentals of meditation (in no specific order): Brian “BB” Melendez, is a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone: Community Leader; American

Make Time Work For You.

Every second is sacred: From a tribal perspective, time in a metaphysical sense is instantaneous, where we are existing each day with a direction given to us and accepted (or not) by us, from higher-power(s).  The rudimentary way I like