Virtual Classroom (Zoom)

I am attempting to go hard in the Virtual Classroom (Zoom), for all of these courses. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help every chance I can get.  Because I am going to be using the Zoom platform, I can hold virtual classroom settings at a ridiculously low cost, for all people.

My beef with modern spirituality; is that it has capitalized the hell out of access and now only the highly affluent can afford to have a “Spiritual Awakening” or get help with their spiritual paths – I am planning to change that shit, really quick.  It’s my belief, that everyone should be able to live their dream and be of service to humanity.  So now you know my intent. It is my goal, to conduct the virtual classroom at least three times a year…seating (and registration) for Zoom is limited.

  • Virtual Classroom: Zoom, webinar technology
  • 2 hours each, plus 1-hour discussion

In-Person Training

If you want to go-crazy-deep-down-the-rabbit-hole, then the in-person group course is for you!  I prefer to do the in-person courses – so if you really want to do this – find a crew that wants to learn something and get at me; anything is possible!

Spiritual_Human_Theory or Tribal_Governance_Theory: Instructor Led-Training

  • 8 hour days (How ever many days you want to learn, lets work it out)
  • I am aiming to always keep the classes small and intimate, people will always get more from this, always!
  • Please contact for group rate.