Tribal_Governance_Theory is a six-series training program that addresses direct and applicable functions of everything that is tribal operations.  As a former Indian Affairs, Tribal Operations Officer, I am intimately aware of the processes (roles and responsibilities) and practices (internal tribal issues) that Indian Affairs likes—for tribes to have in their toolboxes—especially when it comes to government-to-government relations.

I have worked on the tribal-side (as both, a tribal employee & tribal councilman) and for the Feds. For the past decade, I have studied both arenas, extracting what I believe to be the substance of our collective miscommunications (tribal governance, community development, justice management, Indian-Self Determination, etc.) and disadvantages.  Even more importantly, our untapped potential(s) as tribal nations.

Anyone who’s ever been on the tribal government side of the table and has asked the Bureau for help and has been sent that standardized letter, that says, “at this time Indian Affairs does not get involved in internal tribal issues” may understand where I’m going…at this time.  I am offering my professional services as a hired-gun for all things classified as “internal-tribal-issues”.  I am extremely confident that this training will change the game of tribal leadership in Indian Country!

Tribal Governance Theory is the behind the scenes, no-nonsense, modern-vantage point of tribal operations.  I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear: I am going to tell you what you need to hear…don’t waste your time.  Hit me up.