To be honest, our (me and the cats I roll with) tribal-world-view is something that you’ll either love or hate (there will be no middle ground, ever…). We do what we do, for the purpose of creating a dialogue that we believe must occur to provoke thought and stimulate greater platforms of much larger communication. We maintain a no right-way-wrong-way attitude towards accomplishing our goals, so if you want to play with us, you know how we get down. If not, that’s cool too.

We are very committed to challenging ourselves, so if you want to roll with the #hvgohards you must be able to kick your own dirt. Our network is solid and driven by heart and purpose (and coffee). Our policies are clear, consistent, and supported by the Hungry Valley Rules of Engagement. We strive for excellence, fostering collective consciousness, and heavy use of the force choke. The bottom line: no one owes you anything and if you want sovereignty of any kind, you must first hold yourself accountable and earn everything.